Winnie has been having a great 11th birthday so far. Her school day was awesome, and now she's at home waiting for her friends to arrive for her birthday party! Amanda told her that she got her the best present ever so Winnie is very excited. Amanda arrived first, then Chantelle, and then Dinah. Winnie didn't want Dinah to come, but her parent forced her to invite her. Then Louise and Karen arrived in matching clothes. That meant everyone was here and Winnie wanted to preform a play for them. But no one seemed into it. Louise suggested going on an electric chair. There was an electric chair attached to the wall next to the staircase. It was installed for the old lady who lived there before Winnie because she was too old to go up the stairs. Everyone took turns going on the chair, so Winnie wanted to get on with her birthday plans and go make pizza but everyone wanted to go in the chair again. Amanda and Chantelle helped Winnie get everyone to go into the kitchen and leave the chair. In the kitchen, Winnie, Amanda, and Chantelle would make one pizza, and Karen, Louis, and Dinah would make another. But Karen and Louise didn't care about Dinah. Dinah told them that she didn't like pepperoni, but Louise and Karen put it on anyways. Winnie felt like crying. After that, they had cake, and then opened up presents. Winnie's mom brought in a little gray and white kitten which was Amanda's present. Everyone was thinking of names for it when Winnie suggested Sweetie-Pie to match with Amanda's cats name: Sweet-Pea. Louise suggested that they all go on the electric chair again, but Winnie stayed with her new kitten. Dinah joins her. She wasn't on the electric chair because Louise said that she's too big. Dinah and Winnie stayed to smell the lip smackers.


Winnie had been doing her moms makeup using her body glitter and then Sandra asked Winnie to do her makeup. Winnie jumped at the opportunity because Sandra never let Winnie do makeovers on her. When Winnie was done Sandra said she looked like a tramp, but Winnie said that she looked like a mermaid and she twisted her hair up leaving a few pieces dangling down. Sandra left, but later that night, Winnie saw Sandra trying out new hairstyles in the mirror and on Sunday, Sandra let Winnie borrow her good colored pencils. Sandra was being really nice to Winnie until Tuesday came.  On Tuesday, they were driving to the dentist when Winnie's mom made a remark that Sandra passed gas. Sandra got really mad about that and then her mom also thought that she saw Sandra's friend on the street, but it was just a stranger and Sandra got even madder. When they actually arrived at the dentists office, Sandra complained that she didn't want Stephanie the dentist because she made her gums bleed. But it turns out that both of them have Stephanie, and Winnie goes first. When Winnie finishes, she wants to tell something funny to Sandra before she goes in, so Winnie tells Sandra that Stephanie gained a lot of weight. When Sandra was done, she showed Winnie her bleeding gums and then agreed that Stephanie gained weight. Their mom asked them what they were talking about and Sandra tells her mom that Stephanie gained weight and dyed her hair blonde. But then Stephanie came out to give Sandra her toothbrush, and Winnie's mom told Stephanie that she was skinny, and that Winnie and Sandra said that she gained weight and dyed her hair. Winnie and Sandra rushed away and Sandra was mad at her mom for saying that. That night, Winnie made Sandra a snack and stayed in her room. Sandra told Winnie that their mom was a pain and that she made disgusting broccoli for dinner. But Winnie liked the broccoli because of the cheese sauce. Winnie didn't say anything. Then Sandra told her that one of her best friends, Angie is trying out for cheerleading. That got Sandra mad because all Angie wants now is to be popular. Sandra thinks that she outgrew her as a friend. Winnie was shocked and knew that that would never happen to her and Amanda. 


Amanda and Winnie were hanging out after school and were contemplating what to do. They finally decided to walk to Kings Drugstore and Richards Drugstore. Winnie got the idea to pretend with Amanda to be orphan girls on the run. They heard a car coming so Winnie pretended that it was the orphanage lady's son. They were running from the car until the people from the car threw snap and pops at them. They laughed about it on the way to Kings. Winnie wanted to leave Kings after a while, but Amanda wanted to read the new Seventeen magazine, but Winnie didn't care about the magazine, so she said that the orphanage's lady's son is here out loud and Amanda got embarrassed because people could hear them. Winnie goes to Richards alone and sees an old lady struggling to reach a ceramic cat but instead of helping her Winnie just runs away. Winnie feels bad for doing this so she buys the old lady a card and walked up to her to give it to her, but Amanda comes and Winnie becomes too embarrassed to do it. Winnie gives the card to Amanda instead. 


Winnie's 5th-grade class was going ice skating to celebrate the last day of school. Winnie, Amanda, and Chantelle were blushing because they wanted Chantelle to pick Tyrone to skate with her during girls pick. During lunch, they continued talking about girls pick and about how no one will pick Alex Plotkin to skate with him because he is gross. Their conversation is cut short when the assistant principal, Mrs. Jacobs comes to call Winnie to her office. She tells Winnie that Alex is worried that no one will pick him for girls pick and she was wondering if Winnie could pick him. Winnie leaves her office but doesn't tell Amanda or Chantelle. 

During the party, Winnie wasn't having fun because she was thinking about Alex. When girls pick finally comes, Chantelle asks Tyrone, and he says yes. More couples enter the rink, and Winnie feels guilty, so she asks Alex to skate but she still feels embarrassed about it. When girls pick ends Amanda asks Winnie if she likes Alex, but Winnie cant help it so she tells Amanda about Mrs. Jacobs. Amanda thinks Winnie is nice for doing that.


July was very humid and Winnie's mom was driving Sandra to her job at Baskin Robbins. Winnie's mom tells Winnie that she and Ty can tag along and get ice cream. At Baskin Robbins Winnie thinks that a guy named Bo is cute. He works with Sandra and Winnie wishes she was older so he can flirt with her instead of Sandra. Later Winnie's mom comes to pick Winnie and Ty up but Winnie doesn't want to leave. She see's Bo rubbing Sandra's shoulders.

Later on, Winnie is very bored at home. Bo came over, and he and Sandra are supposed to be including Winnie in their plans, but they're to busy with themselves to pay attention to Winnie. Winnie tries to get their attention by saying that she can swallow a raw egg. Bo becomes interested so he and Sandra watched Winnie do it. After Winnie swallowed the egg Bo and Sandra went to Winnie's mom's room to watch Oprah, they left Winnie standing outside the door, but Winnie got queasy and vomited. Sandra got Winnie cleaned up and they all watched Oprah together. 


Winnie joins Amanda on a three day trip to the beach that took a six-hour car drive to get there. Amanda gives Winnie a tour of the house then they stand in the ocean water for a bit. The next day, Amanda and Winnie wake up early and put on their swimsuits. Winnie feels embarrassed about her old swimsuit, so Mrs. Wilson asks Amanda if Winnie could borrow her old swimsuit, but Winnie see's that Amanda doesn't want to so she says it's okay. Amanda and Winnie go to the beach and Winnie asks Amanda if she wants to build a sandcastle but Amanda needed to work on her tan. Winnie went to build a sandcastle with a little girl until Amanda was ready to go in the water. In the water, Amanda saw two guys and she thought one of them was cute. Winnie nicknamed them red shirt and nasty. Amanda got the idea to follow them. They followed them to the peir when they saw the boys looking into the water. Amanda and Winnie looked too and they saw hundreds of poisonous jellyfish. When they caught up to the boys, Amanda started talking to them but the boys were amused at this. They were older, so the one Amanda liked, red-shirt, told her to talk to him in five years. 

The next day, Amanda and Winnie were in the water again and they were in their inner tubes just floating for a long time until they noticed that they floated into the swam of jellyfish! They paddled out and Winnie almost didn't make it. They sat on the shore together until Winnie noticed that red shirt and nasty were back, but Amanda decided to stay with Winnie.


Winnie was upset because Amanda and Chantelle were acting weird. When Winnie did a cannon-ball in the pool and drenched Amanda and Chantelle, they got mad at her because they wanted to stay dry for the cute lifeguard. Also, Amanda and Chantelle started shaving their legs and Winnie hadn't started yet. A girl named Gail Grayson also entered the school in Ms. Russell's class. Winnie wanted Gail to leave so that she could be in Ms. Russel's class with Amanda. Winnie's thoughts were interrupted by Gail saying that if Amanda, Gail, Chantelle, and Winnie were to be in a club together they would have to be fancy and curl their bangs. Winnie liked her bangs straight. Nevertheless, Winnie joins their club.

At home, Winnie takes her mom's curling iron, just for experimentation and not for Gail. Winnie did half her bangs and was doing the other half when Ty entered the room and bumped into her. The hot rod touched her forehead and burned her. Winnie's mom told her that she had to go to school regardless.

At school, Winnie was supposed to sit with Amanda, but Amanda was sitting between Gail and Chantelle, so Winnie was forced to sit with Dinah Devine. Winnie avoided Amanda for the rest of the day until Amanda called Winnie to tell her that their club had a name and it was called the aqua girls. They also had to wear turquoise shirts for picture day tomorrow, Winnie thought this was stupid but she wanted to make Amanda happy so she agreed. That night Winnie was having trouble falling asleep because the side she slept on kept pressing at her head, so she twisted her neck until it didn't hurt to sleep. 

She woke up that morning with a lot of pain in her neck because she slept with her neck twisted. She was in a lot of pain and her neck was red. She runs out of the house without telling her mom about it, but during the class picture, Winnie cant face the camera and Gail tells the teacher that she's faking. The teacher, Mr. Hutcherson, brings her to the nurse. Winnie went to the doctors with her mom, and she got some medicine to take which made her pretty dizzy. They went home, and Winnie was in bed when Amanda came over to talk. Winnie said that Gail is a jerk, but Amanda said that she thought Winnie was making fun of her. Then Amanda tells Winnie that she can have more than one friend, and Winnie tells her that it's her and Chantelle. But Amanda meant Gail, not Chantelle. Winnie wanted to cry. 


Winnie was helping her mom make food for the Halloween party they were hosting. Winnie's mom asked if Winnie wanted to invite Dinah because Dinah's dad would be there, but Winnie didn't want to. Amanda was supposed to help Winnie serve the guests, but she went with Gail to go trick or treating. Winnie was getting ready for the party, but she couldn't find her witch hat, so she went into the attic to get it, but her kitten Sweetie-Pie also went into the dark attic! Winnie was trying to find her cat when she heard a thump and a howl. She went to get her mom and dad to help her. Sweetie-pie accidentally fell into the panels of sheetrock of the house. Winnie and her dad tried to get Sweetie-pie out of the hole by lowering Winnie into it, but that didn't work. Then Winnie tied some jump rope to a basket and put some tuna into it in hope that Sweetie-pie would jump in. Sweetie-pie jumped in and Winnie dad entertained the guests with the story. Then Mr. Devine told Winnie a story about one of Dinah's cats hiding in the pantry. Winnie asks Mr. Devine if he could bring Dinah over. 


During Thanksgiving at school, the 6th-grade year was helping bake bread for the feast. Winnie was excited for this. Everyone also dressed fancy. Winnie was showing her special ring when she noticed that Amanda cut her hair exactly like Gail because they went to the same stylist. Gail then comes over and Amanda tells Winnie to show Gail her ring. Gail thought it was an emerald stone and she gets excited because emeralds are really nice and she says the people who have stones like opal or garnet aren't lucky because those stones aren't nice. But she sees that Winnie's ring isn't an emerald and all she says is "oh." But Winnie says that the stone is her birthstone, an aquamarine. Gail says that an aquamarine isn't a real gem, and Winnie thought that was ridiculous. Then Gail and Amanda left to go to their homeroom and that made Winnie feel hollow. There were times when Winnie called Amanda's house and Amanda was "with a friend." Winnie felt bad not knowing parts of Amanda's life anymore. But Amanda also didn't know parts of Winnie's life, like the fact that Winnie was going with Dinah afterschool to the mall. Mr. Devine dropped them off at the mall and gave them each ten dollars. It made Winnie feel weird, but she took it anyway, and they went to the petshop to look at the kittens. Then they went to The Gap to look at clothes. Winnie suggested they go in the jeans section because Dinah always wore weird dresses. When they were done Winnie spent her money on candy while she saw Dinah looking at the jewelry stand. They went to meet Dinah's dad and Dinah gave Winnie a store brought friendship bracelet, and Winnie in return gave her the candy she brought. 


One day, while Winnie was in school, there was a snowstorm. Everyone was stuck in their classrooms and Alex Plotkin ate a dried up bumblebee. The teacher came in and he told the class that there would be an early dismissal because of all the snow that would come. Fifteen minutes until noon, most of the school pilled into the gym waiting for parents to come. By one thirty, the gym was still full. There was a lot of traffic and Winnie still wasn't picked up. Dinah only got picked up at 3:15 and she offered to pick up Winnie, but Winnie said that her mom is probably almost here. But at 6:15 Winnie, Amanda, and Gail were still stuck in school until Winnie's teacher told Winnie that her mom slid off the road and that she walked home and that Bo is coming to pick up Winnie and Amanda. By 7:00 Bo came, and Winnie was happy that Gail would be the one left alone. Bo told Winnie and Amanda that Sandra was making fudge back home


During a cool day, Winnie had recess at lunch. A lot of the girls were crowding over Louise's new Chinese jump rope that everyone was obsessed with. It was pretty hard to do and to everyone's surprise, Dinah was the best at Chinese Jump Rope. Gail claimed that she could be just as good if she had on the right shoes. She was wearing Doc Martens with clunky heels. The next day Gail came in wearing Nike sneakers and almost beat Dinah but Dinah still ended up being better. But things have also changed between Amanda and Winnie. They were no longer the same and Winnie was worried that Gail might be Amanda's new best friend, and that Dinah would be Winnie's new best friend. Winnie wished that Dinah wasn't so weird and that she would be more like Amanda. The next day at school Winnie tries to ignore Dinah, but Dinah doesn't stop until Winnie says that they shouldn't spend so much time with each other. At recess, Dinah doesn't stand with Winnie and Gail says that she's bored with Chinese jump rope so Louise puts away the jump rope. Then she suggests cheering for the boys that were playing basketball. Amanda links arms with Chantelle and Gail and goes. Winnie follows with the rest of the girls. Gail taught everyone a cheer with clapping and knee-slapping but Winnie couldn't get it so she left and went to swing with Dinah. 


Winnie has a crush on a boy named Toby Rinehart in her class. She thinks that he is cuter then Bo even though Toby has pinkeye. Winnie picked Toby to be her one and only and now she had to make him pick her back only he didn't get any of her hints. He even moved away from her. Then at recess, Amanda rushed over to tell everyone that Robert asked her to be his valentine. Chantelle and Amanda gushed over the fact that they can sit on the couples table together since Chantelle was going with Tyrone. Later Winnie wrote on a note "Do you like Winnie?" and drew three boxes, one for yes, no, and one for maybe. He checked maybe and at home Sandra suggested asking Toby instead of waiting for him to ask. Winnie got Ty to call Toby's house but he ended the call early two times and on the third, Toby's older brother told Winnie that Toby wasn't interested and to stop calling. 

The next day, Alex Plotkin asked Dinah to be his valentine and Toby gave Winnie a card and Winnie asked him he if wanted to go with her and he said yes! Toby gave Winnie a Lisa card from the Simpsons card box but Winnie was kind of happy because there was only one Lisa card in a full box. 


It was the beginning of March and everyone had spring fever. Winnie felt a little weird because last year she would be making plans with Amanda for her birthday, but this year she was making them with Dinah! Amanda stopped by where Winnie was sitting and asked what she was doing for her birthday and Winnie had to tell Amanda that she was going to a dinner with her family and that she could only invite one friend and that she invited Dinah. Amanda said that she'll probably be doing something with Gail that night anyways. 

That day at lunch all the girls grouped together to figure out what to do. Louise suggested doing cartwheels, but Gail said no because she was wearing a skirt and because she thinks it's embarrassing how girls can bounce around without a bra near boys. Winnie thought that was mean because she looked at Dinah and a lot of girls didn't wear bras yet. They decided to play truth or dare and Gail wanted to pick on Dinah and ask her if she ever kissed a boy. Dinah lied and said she kissed Alex Plotkin on Valentine's day. Gail called Alex over to ask him if that was true but Winnie jumped up and told Gail that she's not the boss of things just because she wears a bra. Everyone laughed and left in their own groups. 

Later that week Winnie got Sandra and Bo to take Dinah and Winnie to Toys R Us to buy chinese jump ropes and Winnie was excited because she would be turning twelve soon.