Winnie was leaving to go to her birthday dinner with her new best friend, Dinah! She wanted to look good, and while she was changing into a tank top, she noticed it was tight. Then she noticed that she was starting to get boobs!They were no bigger then cotton balls, but she ran to her mom and her mom said that they need to go bra shopping now. But Winnie didn't want to go bra shopping because Gail Grayson, her enemy, wore bras and made a big deal out of people who didn't. She didn't want to show Gail she cared by wearing one. Then her mom said that she'll probably get her period soon too. Winnie ran out of her mom's room. She doubled layered her shirt to hide her boobs, and the family, and Bo, and Dinah went to dinner. The Japanese chef cooked everything right in front of them, and when he was making the shrimp, Dinah whispered to Winnie that she's scared of them. Winnie thought that was funny. 

At home, Winnie and Dinah were being really loud, and Sandra kept telling them to be quiet. One time Sandra came in with a mud mask on her face, and Winnie wanted to use it with Dinah. While they were putting it on, they were talking about Winnie getting a bra, then Winnie told Dinah to close her eyes so she can get a mirror and see how she looked like with mud in her face, but Winnie grabbed a shrimp from the restaurant, and dangled it in front of Dinah's face!


Winnie was asking her mom to get her ears pierced, and Sandra was asking to go get her drivers license, and they were driving their mom crazy. Her mom settled for Sandra driving them to the mall to get Winnie's ear pierced, then going to go get Sandra's licence. In the mall at Claire's, Winnie picked out a pair of earrings, and got her ears pierced! When they went to get Sandra's license, Sandra chickened out and went home. Later in the week, Sandra kept making excuses not to go get her license, and Winnie thought that was weird. Winnie went on a bikeride to think about things, when she ran over a squirrel! It lay motionless for a bit, then got up and ran away. Dinah was amazed when Winnie told her the story. Dinah said to take it as a sign that something is going to change. Winnie went home that day, alert for changes, and then Sandra told Winnie that she got her drivers license!


Towards the end of May, Winnie's mom did something very embarrassing. She announced that Winnie and her needed to go bra shopping in front of the family at dinner. Winnie was embarrassed that her mom had to announce it in front of everyone. Ty also said that there is a new girl in his class that has an ugly smile named Taffy. He doesnt like her. After dinner, Winnie went to talk to him about it, and said that she probably can't help her smile, and that it's not her fault. She told Ty to be nice to her.

The next day, Winnie went with her mom to go bra shopping. They went in the juniors depatment at Macy's and Winnie was being mean to her mom because she really did not want to get a bra. Winnie left the bra section, and ran into Gail and Gail's mom! Winnie's mom stayed cool about the bra shopping thing, and Gail's mom went crazy and told Winnie that she needed a bra, and she needed to start caring about her appearence. Winnie and her mom left the store, and Winnie's mom told Winnie that she didn't really like Gail, and that she probably wasn't pretty on the inside. 

That day, Winnie ended up getting three bras from Target. Winnie felt more at ease at Target. While she was there, Winnie also got a Sno-Kone Machine. At home, Winnie made everyone Sno-Kones, and told everybody about the escalators that bring up the shopping carts to the second floor. Everyone left, except for Winnie and Ty, and Ty told Winnie that he no longer was enemies with Taffy, and then he asked Winnie if he could try on one of her bras, and Winnie said yes. 


By the last week of school, everybody was talking about graduation. Winnie couldn't wait to see everybody's baby pictures in the powerpoint the school was making. There was a ceremony in Winnie's school, where everybody got the chance to say a memory of every 6th grader that was graduating. Winnie was remembered for being a good friend (said by Dinah), helping a kid on the playground, and being able to climb to the top of the monkey bars the fastest. After that everybody was in good spirits, and Winnie found herself wanting Amanda's attention more and more. Later on, Amanda invited Winnie to a meeting for summer camp. Winnie went with her mom after school. She met up with Amanda, and Amanda asked why Dinah couldn't come, but Winnie for a reason she couldn't understand, did not invite Dinah. 

On graduation night, Winnie looked beautiful. The presentation had pictures of the graduating class, and then baby pictures! Winnie's baby picture makes everyone laugh. 


Winnie and Amanda attended camp together in the group of the hummingbirds. Winnie was the "class clown". She kept wanting to make everyone laugh, but Amanda and their instructor, Amy, did not find Winnie amusing. The next day, Winnie had her foot stepped on by a horse! This was not the way she wanted to remember her time with horses. He foot swelled and Amanda took Winnie back to their cabin. Winnie liked Amanda's attention. They talked about Miss Hummingbird, and who they thought would take the place as most popular. Winnie told Amanda that it could be her, but Amanda disagreed and told Winnie that it was going to be her because everyone liked her. 

On the last day of camp, Winnie was named Miss. Hummingbird. At lunch, Winnie and her friends made Camp Winding Gap special sandwiches. Later on, Winnie suggested that everyone goes skinny dipping. They all agreed, and it was really fun, even when Amy came. Amy ended up joing them! Winnie had a great time at camp, and a big part of that was getting Amanda back. 


Winnie was glad to have Amanda back, and she liked that fact that she wasn't always the leader of the group, as opposed to her relationship with Dinah. Winnie and Amanda were hanging out at an abandoned trampoline behind Gails condo. Gail was at camp, and not in the picture. When Winnie asked her mom to go bike riding with Amanda, her mom told her that she should hang out with Dinah too, but Winnie didn't really want to. Winnie went to the trampoline with Amanda, and Amanda said that she really misses Gail. She told Winnie that she was just the replacement untill Gail gets back. Winnie got a little bit offended and started walking away, but she didn't know where she was going. Then Winnie walked into a swarm of yellow jackets! She got stung 32 times! Winnie ended up calling Dinah because it was clear that Winnie wasn't Amanda's first choice. Winnie was happy that she made the right choice going back to Dinah.


Sandra was driving Winnie to her second day of 7th grade at Westminster! Winnie didn’t really want to go, so Sandra had to pull Winnie out of the car. In Winnie’s homeroom, Winnie sat next to a girl named Malena (who had really big boobs). Malena and Gail became friends because Gail was also in Winnie’s and Malena’s homeroom. Winnie didn’t really like 7th grade. She saw a girl get her phone taken away just because she had it out, and she got yelled at because she dropped her textbook by accident in history. By the time Winnie’s mom picked her up from school, Winnie was in a bad mood. She was mean to Ty, and when Winnie’s mom asked Winnie was happened, she said that a girl called Dinah the B-word in gym. The next day, Dinah didn’t show up at school so she wouldn’t have to face the girl again, but that left Winnie alone in gym class. Winnie didn’t have anyone to pair up with during partner sit ups when a girl named Cinnamon asked Winnie to pair up. They talked and made friends during gym class. Winnie saw that Malena was also in her gym class and she asked Cinnamon if she knew her. Cinnamon said that she wasn't very nice. After class, Winnie was happy that she made a new friend. At home, Winnie called Dinah to tell her that she had to come to school. Winnie told Dinah that she needed to meet Cinnamon. Dinah and Cinnamon ended up liking each other, and had a great time in gym class. They all barked at each other for fun, even though no one else was doing it. They talked about makeup and boys together, and later on, Dinah spent the night at Winnie’s house. They were glad that the school week was over, and Winnie said a bad word, which Dinah was shocked about. But they forgot about it, and they went to get Polar Bars to eat in Winnie’s room. They went back to Winnie’s room and fell onto Winnie’s bed, when it collapsed! Winnie’s parents were really mad, especially when they saw that Winnie had food in her room! But Winnie couldn’t help it and got the giggles. What she did had consequences, but she survived. 


Winnie was in English class when Louise told Winnie to say the wrong name when attendance was called. The whole class was in on the plan because they had a substitute teacher. When it was Winnie’s turn, she told the substitute that she went by the name Wendy. Later on in the class, Winnie felt bad for what they did to the teacher. The substitute had something nice to say about everyone. At the end of class the teacher asked Winnie to collect the spelling sheets, only Winnie didn’t notice because the teacher called her Wendy. Winnie felt bad, but did nothing about it. On Winnie’s free period, she talked with Dinah about what they wanted to do on Halloween. They talked about the school party, and how Dinah was going to be a cat. Winnie was stuck on deciding whether to be a devil or an angel. Then a boy named Lars walked by with his friends. Winnie had a crush on him, even though he was in the 8th grade. She had French class with him, and he gave her a two finger salute and said “hey Win.” Winnie called him Lars, and Dinah got very excited.Then Louise walked over and she brung up what happened in English, only Winnie didn’t want to talk about it, and she didn’t want to tell Dinah about it. Winnie and Dinah left Louise.

Later on Winnie had to go with her mom to a guild club meeting. Louise and Malena were already there. Winnie went to go be with them, and Louise wanted to impress Malena, so she mentioned the substitute again. Louise had an idea to tape her to the desk when she fell asleep in class if they had her again. Winnie didn’t like the idea. Louise asked Winnie to go find some masking tape in the supply closet, and Winnie agreed so she wouldn’t be the suck up. In the closet, Winnie found an empty space on one of the shelves, so she crawled onto it to think about what they were doing. She kicked open the closet door to tell Louise no, but she got up too quickly and the shelf above her broke and fell on top of her head. Winnie passed out for a second, but she still went to the emergency room.

The next day at school, Louise was asking Winnie about the bump on her head when Malena and Gail walked by and made a remark about it. Winnie didn’t say anything. But later on Winnie, Dinah, and Cinnamon all put on their costumes for the Halloween dance. Dinah was a cat, Cinnamon was a pirate, and Winnie was the devil. Winnie confronted Louise about how she treated the substitute, and then Winnie saw Lars and they had a cute moment talking together.  


Winnie got her period! It was a Saturday and she was having cramps, which was a new sensation to her. She had to go to her mom. Winnie’s mom told her that she’s a young woman and that she’s now capable of conceiving a baby. Her mom told her that they can always talk about this stuff. Then her mom gave her pads, and when Winnie put one on, it was huge! Winnie went to Sandra who talked to her about tampons and cramps. Winnie said that it was unfair that guys didn’t have to go through this sort of stuff. Then Sandra gave Winnie a book that explained what boys had to go through. Winnie knew it was about hard-on’s. The book explained to Winnie about erections. The next day Winnie kept thinking about it, and told Dinah about her period. Dinah scared for whenever hers would come because she doesn’t have a mother or a sister. Winnie told Dinah that she has her, and that they’ll go pad shopping together. Winnie also told Cinnamon about her period, and Cinnamon said that she hasn’t had one yet either. Later on, Winnie saw Lars in the hallway, she liked him a lot and started thinking of a future that they could have together. But they she scolded herself because she didn’t even know if Lars liked her back. She asked Dinah and Cinnamon to hide her because her period made her uncomfortable. By Thursday, Winnie’s period was gone, and on Friday Winnie was confident enough to talk to Lars. 


Cinnamon had an older brother who lived in a trailer in a place that sold Christmas trees. Winnie, Dinah, and Cinnamon liked hanging out there because it felt like a secret hideaway. They were all talking about the gross Alex Plotkin and how he nicknamed himself critter. Then Cinnamon brought up the nickname Lars. Winnie liked Lars and she called him that even though his full name was Larson. Cinnamon told Winnie that she needs Lars action away from school. Winnie was suspicious because Cinnamon kept looking out the window. Then Cinnamon got excited and went and opened the door for someone. It was Lars! Winnie got very nervous. They had small talk until Cinnamon’s brother came in and told Cinnamon to go and make change. Cinnamon and Dinah wanted to leave Winnie alone with Lars, but Winnie knew it would be awkward, so she volunteered to go to. Then before Lars was about to leave, he told Winnie that he would call her. Winnie was super excited. 

Winnie and her family picked out a tree from the lot Cinnamon's brother worked at. Cinnamon and her brother delivered it to Winnie's house. Winnie invited Cinnamon to stay and help decorate the tree, and to eat dinner. After the tree was done, Cinnamon and Winnie had alone time together. Winnie asked Cinnamon if Lars came to see her, and Cinnamon said that she told him to. Cinnamon also told Winnie not to freak out because he likes her. Winnie had a great Christmas morning. She loved her presents. She got a call and she thought it was Dinah, so she picked it up casually, but it was actually Lars! They had a nice conversation together, and Winnie was very happy.


Winnie was going to go to Louise’s birthday pool party, but she had a problem. Winnie had her period, and she couldn’t wear a pad under her bathing suit. She went to Sandra to ask for a tampon. Winnie was appalled by the directions, but eventually she did it. She went to Louise’s party, and Cinnamon told Winnie to do a flip off of the diving board. When Winnie did it, she felt a weird sensation between her legs. Her tampon was falling out! She did a second flip because Cinnamon told her to, but she was really in trouble after that. Winnie told Cinnamon that she wanted to watch her do one, and while Cinnamon was flipping, Winnie reached and pulled the tampon out! For the rest of the party, Winnie was acting weird. She wanted it to be over so she could go home. When she was finally at home, she couldn’t stop obsessing over what happened. She went to Sandra who told her that everyone has an embarrassing period story. 


Winnie and Cinnamon were hanging out. Cinnamon had an idea to call Dinah, but not let her know that Winnie was there so she could say what she truly felt about Winnie. Although Cinnamon tried to get something out of Dinah, it didn’t work. Dinah stayed loyal and said nothing bad.

Westminster was selling Valentines Day carnations. A white one meant friendship, and a pink one meant love. Cinnamon was talking about Lars sending Winnie a flower, when Winnie asked Cinnamon if she was going to get a flower from Alex Plotkin. Alex was hanging around Cinnamon’s locker a lot. Then Lars came! Winnie wanted him to see her next to the flower table so he could get an idea to buy her one. Lars saw Winnie and was approaching her just as Dinah came. Lars and his friend Bryce joined Winnie, Dinah, and Cinnamon. But Dinah was too busy talking about her overweight cat. Bryce was making fun of Dinah, and Winnie got mad at her.

At home, Ty was talking about his Valentines Day crush when Cinnamon called Winnie. Cinnamon was talking badly about Dinah and what she did with Lars, and Winnie joined in. Then Dinah made it obvious that she was there, and Winnie felt terrible. At school, Dinah wouldn’t talk to Winnie either. Everyone seemed to know about it, even Lars. Winnie was too upset to flirt with Lars. Dinah kept on ignoring Winnie.

On Valentines Day, Winnie got two white flowers from Dinah and Cinnamon, and one pink flower from Lars. Even though Winnie was happy about it, she was still upset about what happened with Dinah. Winnie met Dinah at her locker and she told Dinah that she’s sorry. They both forgave each other. 


Winnie woke up on the first day of March feeling great. It was her birthday month, and soon she would be 13! She asked her mom if she could have a sleepover with Dinah and Cinnamon and go to the mall with them for her birthday party, and her mom agreed.

At school Cinnamon, Winnie, and Dinah were making plans for Winnie’s birthday at the mall. They wanted to have their makeup done. Cinnamon suggested kissing Lars after she gets her makeup done, and Winnie got really embarrassed. They planned to meet each other in the parking lot after school to find good makeup stands at the mall.

After school, Winnie was waiting for Cinnamon and Dinah, and she felt something in her shoe, so she took it off and put it back on. She lost her balance and almost fell, but Lars caught her. They sat on some stairs and were talking together. Then their pinkies were touching, and they started holding hands. Cinnamon and Dinah arrived, and they almost couldn’t believe it. Winnie had a great day.